StratOp is a strategic system that helps your team clarify where you are, where you’re headed, and how to get there. It’s used by organizations big and small, from billion-dollar global corporations to entrepreneurs and startups.

Organizations that use StratOp are asking big questions, questions like “What’s our vision?” “How do we make a greater impact?” or “How do we move forward from here?” They’re looking for alignment, growth, and clear next steps.


Most strategic planning processes move as quickly as possible from perceived problem to assumed solution, missing key insights that give clarity, buy-in, and a competitive advantage.

StratOp is different, emphasizing perspective first. When we first understand where we are and how we got here, our plans for the future are built on sharper insight and provide more effective solutions.


How long does it take? StratOp is a 3-day facilitated process that guides your team to collaborate on gaining perspective about the past and present, and on developing a plan for the future. After the StratOp you'll possess a clear action plan, purposefully crafted to deliver measurable results.

We struggle with execution. Will you show us how? More than a one-time planning event, StratOp is a full system that moves from the big picture vision to practical action steps. We'll help you install an accessible suite of management tools that equip your team and ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Who is it for? Powered by the Paterson Process, StratOp has helped for-profit companies, start-ups, not-for-profits and churches, schools and colleges, professional sports teams, and even the government of an entire country. If your team needs clarity, alignment, momentum and growth, StratOp is for you.

Is it industry specific? Strategic planning is provides the template for specific industries. There are many aspects of strategic planning that cross industries. Mission, vision, values, culture, target market analysis, opportunity matrix, are all common in almost every industry. There is no better planning system than the StratOp in the world. It’s track record speaks for itself.

Will our facilitator be good enough for us? StratOp facilitators are of the highest quality. They must go through a screening process. They cannot be rookies. They must be experienced leaders with a track record of successes. If they make it through the screening process, they must undergo extensive training in this world class system.

We know the “why” but can you help us with the how? We’ll start with "why", but StratOp strategically helps you plan "the how".

Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why" invites us to notice the shift in how people think today. The marketing world is filled with strategies about how to gain followers the easy way: social network like mad, buy air time, and find brand ambassadors. But the "start with why" concept is really about the order in which our brains sequence information. Our brains constantly scan for simplicity and it usually starts with "why would we do that?"

  • Why are we here?

  • Why does it matter?

  • Why does our market need us?

But StratOp Strategic Planning doesn't let us stay there.

Will it get everyone on the same page? Organizations often water down their impact because its key stakeholders are off balance and not on the same page. StratOp Strategic Planning is a world class tool designed to get everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction, using the same language, using the same metrics for success.

Will it help us plan for the future? After everyone has perspective of the current realities, opportunities, and risks, we’ll make a plan for the future.

Will it provide ongoing follow-up, or is it one and done? Reusable tools make the circle complete. StratOp gives you the operating system to accomplish the planning goals. All the tools in the StratOp are reusable and renewable on a regular basis.

StratOp is about "the how". The process shows us how we should be prioritizing our work. How to work on the right things and when. How to unroll our vision for the next year, 5 years, and10, years. StratOp Strategic Planning is about "the how".



1. PERSPECTIVE: You must find the truth about where the organization presently is. We'll help you find the truth before it finds you.

2. CLARITY: Organizations get trapped in the tyranny of the urgent. Gain clarity about what to do and how to do it.

3. UNITY: We'll help everyone get on the same page moving in the same direction.

4. SUPPORT: You'll have the chance to receive ongoing coaching through the process.

5. CONFIDENCE: You'll know what to do, how to do it, and why.

6. TOOLS: You'll receive re-usable tools you can renew every year. 

7. A MASTER PLAN: No more pieces of different leadership puzzles. You'll receive ONE MASTER PLAN for moving forward.

8. EXECUTABLE OPERATING SYSTEM: You'll finally have a way of measuring success for every team in your organization.

9. THE RIGHT MISSION, VISION, AND CORE VALUES: There's a right way and and wrong way to do these.  You'll do it the right way...finally. 

10. PEACE OF MIND. You'll finally have a fully integrated, executable, thorough master plan so you can sleep peacefully at night.

StratOp Strategic Planning is the most effective strategic planning process in over 25 years of management experience and Gary was the perfect person to deliver it.